Savi Rapid Diagnostics Company

Savi Rapid Diagnostics Company formaly known as Sabharwaal Lifesciences is founded by Mr. S.K Sabharwal (Chairman) in year 2007 with an objective to manufacture Blood bags, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical formulations and Medical Devices.

The company is supported by several functions like Finance, Projects, Technical Services, Research and Development, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, and Audit which are corporate in nature.

Our Company

SAVI RAPID DIAGNOSTICS COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and distributor located at Ahmedabad-Gujarat. SRDC has developed a range of diagnostics products, Blood Bags, laboratory consumables , pharmaceutical formulations and Nutritional products at our manufacturing facility. Our Aim is to provide High quality products and services to our Customers at all times.

Our Diagnostics Products Include:

SRapid test, clinical Chemistry, laboratory consumables and Instrumentation for laboratory setup We are an FDCA, ISO9001:2015 ISO13485 and our diagnostics products are CE certified. We are also Keen to take orders and work as Agent for other diagnostic companies. Supported by our professional personnel and good Manufacturing Practice, we will always offer the Best Quality to our esteemed Customers. Our Blood banking Prodcts Include: Blood bags CPDA