The People

Mr. S.K.Sabharwal

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Mr. S.K.Sabharwal (Chairman) is a Professional from field of Pharmaceuticals with over 40 years of Rich experience of working at highest level with the Finest Pharmaceutical companies in the country. All head of departments report to him.

Mrs. C.P.Sabharwal

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Mrs. C.P.Sabharwal our CFO is an experienced personnel in the field of Finance and Banking for 30 years.

Mr. Jatinder Suman Sabharwal

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Mr. Jatinder Suman Sabharwal (B.E./MBA) is the CEO of the company and is an experienced Marketing professional in the field of Diagnostics ,medical devices and Blood Banking. His key function is towards the market development and Distribution network and is also responsible for the overseas operations of the company.

Mr. Vikas Sabharwal (D.Pharmacy)

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Mr. Vikas Sabharwal (D.Pharmacy) is the CAO and takes care of proper functioning of Production and Purchase departments.

There is also well defined Team consisting of Head of various Departments like Production ,QA/QC ,R&D, Logistics and Commercial heads who form our core team and are responsible for day to day operations along with new products development and testing.